A - E - A

Attract - Engage - Acquire


Reach out to right audiences through a targeted approach using right mix of technology, web and social interfaces


Engage them with new-age content/products/services/offers based on their age, location and interest


Use multi-channel messaging to acquire prospects/customers who have shown interest in your content, products, services, and offers

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Planning, running and optimizing digital marketing campaigns to meet your business objective

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Using cutting-edge on-page and off-page search engine optimization methodologies to rank your brand and content higher in Google search results

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Write and distribute content which connects with your audiences, at the same time is ranked higher by Google search engine

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Work on a social media strategy to increase your page engagement and drive social media users towards your website/app

Online Paid Advertising

Online Paid Advertising

Use online paid advertising platforms from pay-per-click to paid content to show your brand’s advertisements to internet users

Public Relations

Public Relations

Execute communication campaigns and news releases aiming to build a favorable, reputable public image of your brand

Media Relations

Media Relations

Leverage media and news agencies to communicate your policies and practices, focusing on building positivity and credibility

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Acquire and manage email contacts. Periodically sending them promotional and transactional emails based on their preferences

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Acquire and manage SMS contacts. Periodically sending them promotional and transactional emails based on their preferences

Website Development

Website Development

Design/redesign a website which is mobile-friendly and search engine optimized with captivating content and user-interface

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Build Android and iOS mobile apps, launch, maintain and regularly update them. Also, run acquisition and mobile advertising campaigns

Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Code and deploy a web application based on your online business goal. Customize it with features and functionalities based on your professional aim



Build an online store with WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento. Integrate preferred payment method. Ship your goods from any location



Photograph all the aspects of your product with a professional, high-end camera. Photographs which tell a story

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Use the data generated from various sources: online (social, web or mobile) and offline (purchases, feedbacks or complaints) to your advantage

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Build website, mobile app or web applications which your customers/prospects will love using intuitive designs, layouts and graphics



Produce a video and use a platform like YouTube to connect with your users. Tell them about your brand, its journey, products, services or create how-to guides



Provide email, chat or phone based 24/7/365 support to your customers. Define SLA and track-&-fix issues in real-time

Marketing Strategy
Different Marketing Methods

The Push-Pull Marketing Strategy: Choose the right one for you!

Push Marketing: Send periodic communications to customers/prospects using all available mediums like email, SMS, tele-calling, online advertisements etc.
Pull Marketing: Utilize media relations, public relations, influencer marketing, awards, events and conferences to simulate audiences to connect with our team, website, phone number, or email address.

A strategy which takes advantage of target market, value proposition and available opportunities.

A brand audit along with analysis of competitors and value chain to conclude with a marketing strategy and implementation plan.

A model which consists of place, price, product and promotion will be employed to determine a media and advertising plan.

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Digital Marketing Plan
356-day Digital Marketing Plan

A Digital Marketing Plan That Delivers

One of our best digital marketing plans is the 365-day digital marketing plan. Wherein we set lead generation, SEO and audience engagement goal to be achieved in the next 365 days. The plan is best suited for companies who want a quick turnaround or startups, small and medium enterprises looking for a committed and dependable marketing plan.

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24-hour Digital Marketing Express Delivery

Complete Digital Marketing Package Delivered in 24 hours

What does it include?

  1. Free domain name (website name/URL) of your choice
  2. Free website (up to 5 pages) built on WordPress Content Management System (WordPress is the world’s best content management system with user friendly templates and themes used by 35% of the top 10 million websites)
  3. Access to Backup-and-Restore function for easy website backups and restores
  4. Free Email accounts for your business: YourEmailAdress@YourBusinessName.com
  5. Free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate
  6. Free Social Media Pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) with posts
Digital Marketing Business Process Management | Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Digital Marketing Recruitment Services and Digital Marketing Procurement Services

  • Identify right candidates for your organization
  • Manage hiring process: screening and offer
  • Digital Marketing Staff Training
  • Digital Marketing Procurement Management
  • RFx Drafting and Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Market Intelligence and Spend Analytics
Digital Marketing Business Process Management
Digital Marketing Outsourcing
Digital Marketing Procurement Training
Digital Marketing Recruitment Services
Who we are?
Who we are?

A global company with a local approach

We are a team of marketers and technologists with the credo: if the client wins you win. We work round-the-clock, across geographies to provide Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Public Relations, Media Relations, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Web and Mobile Application Development Services.

Build relationship and create business value through client-company collaboration.





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Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Media Relations
Paid Online Advertising
Public Relations
SMS Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Web and Mobile Application Development Services
Complete Digital/Online Marketing Guide

Complete Digital/Online Marketing Guide

Complete Digital/Online Marketing Guide

What is Digital/Online Marketing?

What do Best Digital/Online Marketing Companies do?

What do Best Digital/Online Marketing Agencies do?

What are Digital/Online Marketing Services?

Full Digital/Online Marketing Strategy


Step 1:

Buy Best Domain Name

Buy a Hosting Plan

WordPress Content Management System

  1. Buy a domain name (website name): This will be your web address; this is what people will type in the browser when they want to visit your website
    1. Make is as short as possible
    2. .com is still considered as the best TLD as compared to .io, .ai or .anything
    3. Do not repeat alphabets, it will just confuse visitors like plainnight.com superroast.com or delighttyres.com


  1. Select a basic hosting plan at the start as you will not be getting a lot of visitors in the beginning and will not need a high bandwidth. This is also economical. There are options to pay monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly.
  2. Choose Linux cPanel Hosting as it offers a plethora of web applications like
    1. File Manager
    2. Backups
    3. Domain Management
    4. Database Management
    5. Email Accounts
  3. Choose a Content Management System

If you’re planning to only build a content-based site, then WordPress is the best option for you.


  1. Most widely used CMS powers more than 30% of websites
  2. Easy to understand and manage even for a non-technical person
  3. Lots of free and paid plugins available to add functionalities

If you’re planning to build an eCommerce store, then you can easily use WordPress’s WooCommerce plugin to easily setup a store, payment gateway and checkout modules.

(Tip: Once you buy a domain and have access to cPanel you can download WordPress using their inbuilt installers)

If you’re not satisfied with WordPress templates you can go online and purchase a Bootstrap template. Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end CSS based framework which takes care of rendering your website perfectly in all web browsers and mobile devices.


Step 2:

How To Design A Website?

Download And Install WordPress?

Website Development And Theming?

Website Content Writing

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Google Analytics Setup

Google Webmaster Setup


  1. Choose a template for your website based on your business. There are ample of free themes available on WordPress.org covering consulting, construction, food, media industries etc.
  2. Once the theme is installed, you need to create your first webpage. It can be an About Us page describing who you are and what you do. The WordPress Editor is more or less like a Microsoft Word editor means WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) as an output.
  3. While writing content always focus on keywords: “What search term/keyword will drive people to my webpage when they are looking for products and services online?” Your web content should be like your resume means a page or two should give the reader a complete summary.
  4. Name of link should contain a keyword or a few keywords describing the article. Example: About Us page should have a URL like: yourwebsitename.com/about-us-who-we-are.html
  5. Once your article is published it is good practice to post that link on relevant forums and groups so that it further gets broadcasted and attracts more visitors.
  6. The most effective way to do this is to create pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and post your content there. Over a period of time build subscribers and increase brand engagement rates.
  7. Also, set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster account to monitor your website’s health and visitors. It’s also a good practice to submit your website’s sitemap to Google Webmaster for indexing.


Step 3:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube

  1. Once your website is live and you have created a few web pages, then it is time to focus on your social media marketing strategy. Make a point to post daily on your social media channels like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Engage with your social media followers and offer them personalized discount coupons generated through WordPress WooCommerce.
  2. Facebook is presently one of the world’s most visited websites. You can get organic as well as paid traffic to your website from Facebook. It is difficult to get organic traffic from Facebook for initial months, you will have to work on acquiring more page likes, and get more people to engage with your post. Facebook Advertising offers numerous advertising options like: post promotion, page likes, lead generation etc. Use a method which best suits your marketing goal.
  3. LinkedIn is an online professional networking website. It is more relevant for B2B business and has a higher advertising cost. Creating a company page on LinkedIn is free just like Facebook. You can use LinkedIn more for recruiting by posting your job requirements
  4. Twitter uses the power of “#” to make your content discoverable. Identify 3 to 5 hashtags, which are meaningful for your business and use them in your tweets to make your content more discoverable on Twitter and on the web.
  5. YouTube is world’s biggest online video repository. Make videos such as: your company’s services, how-to guides, publish webinars, etc. on YouTube. You will attract a reasonable number of viewers; you can also include a URL in the description so that your viewers know what to do next

(Tip: Create all these accounts and profiles from a single email address and mobile number so that it becomes easier for you to manage all of them together)


Step 4:

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

  1. We live in an era of information overload which mean we have to use the principle of “less is more” and KIS “Keep It Simple”. To do so use more of case-studies, white-papers, infographics etc. wherever possible.
  2. Do not keep gated content (post registration access to the content) as most people do not like to share their details online for the first time
  3. Do guest blogging or post your content on quality forums like Quora, Reddit, etc.


Step 5:

Paid Online Advertising

Google Advertising

Facebook Advertising

  1. Initially it is very difficult for a brand to get organic traffic and hence online paid advertisements will come to your rescue.
  2. Google and Facebook have access to most number of the publishers in the world, hence if you’re advertising on Google or Facebook your ads will be shown on some of the most visited websites in the world.
  3. Google offers various ad formats like you can show your ads in their search results or partner network websites

Step 6:

Media Relations

Media Relations Company

  1. One of the best ways to look beyond your website, Google and Facebook is to use the power of media companies. Identify media companies in your area and connect with them. Share a positive, community-based story about your product or services which they would be interested in publishing

Step 7:

Public Relations

Public Relations Company

  1. Apart from Media Relations Company you can use Public Relations Company to connect with your offline audiences. It is a good marketing practice to not just reply on online marketing but leverage media and public relations too.

Step 8:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Companies

Email Marketing Software

  1. Email Marketing continues to be in the list of marketing methods for years as it is personalized and a direct form of communication.
  2. Build a base of subscribers by creating an opt-in list. Segregate them based on geography and interest. Ensure you do not spam and take their permission before sending out any promotional content because people marking you as spam can terribly hit your domain reputation.
  3. Once your subscriber base grows to a significant size, you can deploy an email automation software to automate emails and create workflows.

Step 9:

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Companies

SMS Marketing Software

  1. SMS Marketing is still a preferred form of marketing again because it is immediate, direct and gives a notification to the customer/prospect. Many companies send SMS notifications containing a website link to its subscribers.
  2. On many occasions SMS Marketing has surpassed Email Marketing when it comes to open rates and click rates.
  3. Again, a word of caution is to never send unsolicited SMSs.


Step 10:

Web Application

Web Application Development

Web Application Development Services

  1. Once your website starts receiving a reasonable number of daily visitors based on your industry you can consider of converting your website into a progressive web app
  2. After that you can plan to create workflows and automate certain sections of your website by creating a web application


Step 11:

Mobile App

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Services

  1. We are now slowly transcending into a mobile-first ecosystem hence you can also think of converting your website or web application into an Android and iOS app.
  2. There are many mobile app development frameworks available today which can convert a single code-base into a web application, native Android and iOS app, Angular and React are the leading ones


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