By | April 18, 2019
It’s 2050 and I go for a walk in Singapore
Driverless Car

Every close to where I live there is a taxi charging station. Hundreds of taxis come into this station every day to charge their batteries. Electric self-driving cars are issued tokens automatically once their battery consumption is more than 80%. Electric cars use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify battery usage and thereafter issuing a token for the nearest charging point. It takes about an hour to charge them completely, better than what it was about 10 years ago. Once the car enters the charging station, it is automatically taken offline so that it cannot accept any current bookings. But, since the estimated charging time is 60 minutes it still can take bookings from passengers who want to schedule their ride. This is a completely unmanned charging station and the only sign of life (and movement) is the birds chirping around and a few robots fixing cars and moving along to grab tools and spare parts. Car wash is complimentary and remains more or less like the 2020s.


I move ahead towards home and looking up I see a drone. This reminds me of the grocery that my Smart Speaker ordered and is expected in next 90 minutes. The drone will return in case I’m unavailable at my window on the 68th floor to enter the pin and detach the package. It’s been a while since I have ordered groceries as usually my TakeOne capsule provides me with enough energy and nutrients I need to get going all day. TakeOne capsule was formulated based on my body-type and activity level, thanks to the wristband which keeps a complete track of my metabolism, sugar and blood pressure level. This is their third upgrade. The best part is we don’t have to pay for it. All they want from us is our usage data which they feed into their machine learning algorithm to build better sports and nutrition products. Did I tell you? The founder of this wristband company was recently in the ‘Most Successful Under 20’ list and also charged and thereafter cleared for data privacy issues. I keep reading about this founder and he keeps telling this time and again in most of his interviews ‘I need the data, you keep the product for free’. He is also a cofounder of an augmented healthcare analytics company. That’s too much for a 19 year old isn’t?

Virtual Reality

I remember when I was 19 all I would do is put my Virtual Reality (VR) gaming headset with motion control gloves and set out in quest for hours and hours collecting armour, potions and collectibles. This quest also helped me find my best friend with whom I’ve never met and I assume is based out of New Zealand. S/his online avatar is to die for, with all that armour, potions and collectibles s/he is one of the most admired players in our group of gamers. We always chat whenever s/he has time and also like to go on our online gaming quest together. S/he’s been on the platform playing this game for more than a decade now. At times s/he spends days on her/his quest and only logs off when s/he gets a health advisory warning from the game. The gaming experience just keeps getting better here with enhanced 10G internet speed, adoptive gaming hardware and millions of gamers across the world collaborating for quests.

Smart Glass

Oh! I have reached home. Thank God my home lock’s retina scanner recognizes me. I had to ask for a refund from the previous manufacturer as it had a lot of technical glitches. I mean it would reject my scan in case my eyes were red or watery. This one works just fine for me. My smart glasses never have any issues, recognizing commands from my eyeball movements. It is one of my most used gadget as it helps me get done a lot in no time – emails, notifications, reminders, etc. Plus, its chatbot is mind-blowing, it can tell the radius of Jupiter and also the amount of cumin powder to put in my pasta. With this let me heat a canned pasta box which I brought from a street-vendor for 0.027 BTC.

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