By | April 13, 2019
Fake News

Fake News: Facebook sells user data which include their photographs, videos and chat messages

Reality: No, Facebook is not selling your personal data to companies

Explanation: Facebook uses algorithm for running targeted advertisements. Which means a hotel can target people in the age group of 18 to 24 to book a Valentine’s Day package at their property. But, they never know who has seen their ads and do not have access to any user data.

Fake News: My employer will know if I apply for a job through LinkedIn

Reality: No, that is not possible

Explanation: LinkedIn never posts an update or informs your network when you apply for a job on LinkedIn. All that activity is private and can be only seen by you.

Fake News: People get stalked and kidnapped for using Instagram as I have to post everything publicly

Reality: No, that will not happen

Explanation: Only business profiles are public, you have an option to make your account private. In that case only approved followers can your photographs and posts.

Fake News: Electronics products made in China are of inferior quality

Reality: That is untrue

Explanation: China manufactures electronics like mobile phone, computer hardware and consumer electronics for brands like Apple, Intel and Sony. They have world-class manufacturing infrastructure, next-generation technology and highly-skilled power.

Fake News: If you use Google chrome’s incognito mode no one can track you

Reality: that is incorrect

Explanation: When using Chrome’s incognito mode, it will only not save our browsing history, cookies and site data. But, our school/employer and internet service provider will still be able to track us.

Fake News: People working at WhatsApp can read our messages, see our photos and videos

Reality: that is false information

Explanation: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, which means the only receiver of the message can see what the sender has sent and no one in between.

Fake News: sells goods at competitive price only because they’re of inferior quality and duplicates of original items

Reality: this information is incorrect

Explanation: does not manufacture the goods it sells on its website. It is usually purchased from manufacturers, suppliers or importers that too under strict quality guidelines and originality assurances.

Fake News: Skype can take control of our microphone and camera whenever it wants to

Reality: this information is untrue

Explanation: Skype will only have access to video and microphone whenever we are making a video or voice call. Once we disconnect a video or a voice call it no longer has access to a microphone or camera.

Fake News: Storing our photographs on Google Photos means granting its access to the Company and advertisers

Reality: This is false

Explanation: Your photographs and videos are private by default until and unless you decide to share it with someone by sharing a link or making an album public.

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